Twin Peaks is exactly that. Two peaks with a north / south orientation. Twin Peaks Boulevard runs between them. Twin Peaks also serves as a block for the summer coastal fog that arrives from the Pacific. The west facing slopes receive substantial fog and winds which can be romantic. The east facing slopes usually receive more sunshine and warmth.

The area has a rich history. The native Ohlone people may have used the area as a lookout. When the Spanish settlers in the early 1700’s they named the area “Los Pechos de la Chola” or “Breasts of the Indian Maiden.” The area was devoted to ranching. The area was renamed Twin Peaks when San Francisco came under US control during the 1800’s.

Houses and apartments in the Twin Peaks area from the summit to those nestled on the hillside have amazing views. Though shopping in the area is generally limited to supermarkets there are a number of restaurants that are hidden gems in the area.

To explore, we recommend a hike up to the vista point known as Christmas Tree Point which offers unobstructed views of most of San Francisco and the bay. In fact, we’d recommend the hike even if you’re considering a different neighborhood in San Francisco. Christmas Tree Point will provide a unique view. Most of the summit is undeveloped and is preserved by the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department. The area is one of the last remaining habitats for the Mission Blue Butterfly which is an endangered species.

Are you looking for comfortable homes offering a spectacular view and close to a nature preserve filled with numerous bird, insect and plant varieties. If so you owe it to yourself to give Twin Peaks a chance.

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