Telegraph Hill is one of the original “Seven Hills” referred to when people compare San Francisco to Rome. The neighborhood is bounded by Vallejo Street to the south, Sansome Street to the east, Francisco Street to the north and Powell Street and Columbus Avenue to the west, where the neighborhood overlaps North Beach.

The neighborhood became the area of choice for many Irish immigrants. From 1825 through 1847, the area between Sansome and Battery, Broadway and Vallejo streets was used as a burial ground for foreign non-Catholic seamen.

Telegraph Hill is named thus because of a windmill-like structure erected in 1840. Called a semaphore, various flags and positions of the arms signaled the city as to the nature of ships entering the Golden Gate. The information allowed merchants, wholesalers and speculators to predict upcoming local prices based on the goods or commodities the ship carried.

Telegraph Hill is primarily a residential area, Aside from Coit Tower, it is well-known for its gardens flowing down Filbert Street down to Levi Plaza.

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