The sunset is bordered on the north by Golden Gate Park, on the south by Sloat Blvd, East by Arguello and 19th street on the west. It was not developed until after the turn of the last century and the housing is a mix of architectural styles from row house style stucco homes by the beach to renovated Victorians further inland.

Though it generally has more fog than the rest of the city it also has park perfect sunny days of sunshine and flowers blooming in the Botanical Gardens. The proximity of both Golden Gate Park and Ocean Beach make this an incredibly attractive neighborhood.

The neighborhood is an ethnic tapestry resulting in a varied group of restaurants, bars and retail shops. The “Little Shamrock” is the second oldest bar in the city and is located across from Golden Gate Park.

The neighborhood is served by the N-Judah line which also provides easy access to BART Stations.
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