The neighborhood of St. Francis Wood is comprised of 175 acres that were originally part of the San Miguel Rancho grant.

The neighborhood was developed during a time of civic beautification and this heavily influenced the community plan and a number of restrictions were enforced. Businesses were banned, utilities were buried beneath sidewalks and the developers laid out wide streets.

The neighborhood consists of stately homes on spacious lots (from a San Franciscan’s point of view) with well-maintained and landscaped yards. Though affluent it has a lower profile than Pacific Heights or the Marina District.

If you’re looking for a residential neighborhood with beautiful homes and an understated reputation, you owe it to yourself to check out St. Francis Woods. The neighborhood is located in southwestern San Francisco, south of West Portal and west of Mount Davidson.

It’s worth noting that in a 1998 San Francisco Examiner poll, St Francis Wood residents were among the most satisfied people in San Francisco.