The neighborhood of Russian Hill is bordered on the south by Nob Hill, to the north by Fisherman’s Wharf. North Beach is on the east side of the neighborhood and it west side is bordered by Pacific Heights, Cow Hollow and the Marina.

The neighborhood takes its name from a small Russian cemetery discovered at the top of the hill during the Gold Rush. The bodies probably belonged to Russian fur traders and sailors from Fort Ross, which was an old Russian outpost north of San Francisco. The bodies were removed and the largest Russian presence in San Francisco is now in the Richmond district.

Lombard Street is the most famous aspect of the neighborhood. The one-way section between Hyde and Leavenworth Streets has eight sharp switchbacks which were designed in 1922. to reduce the hills natural 27% grade. Lombard Street is one of the biggest attractions in San Francisco and this section is frequently crowded with tourists who also ride the Hyde Street cable car line.

From the top of the hill there are views of the Bay Bridge, Marin County, Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. Because of the steep nature of the hill many streets are staircases in sections and there are many pedestrian-only lanes with beautiful landscaping and exceptional views.

The Alice Marble Tennis Courts are hard courts at the top of the neighborhood. There are four courts and a basketball court adjacent to the tennis courts.

This affluent and picturesque neighborhood has been showcased in movies and television.

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