Dolores Heights is a relatively affluent neighborhood of hills, cul-de-sacs and steep staircases and offers beautiful views of San Francisco. The neighborhood is a mixture of Victorian and Edwardian homes. It offers a patch of serenity strategically located between upper market street to the west, Dolores Park to the east, Noe Valley to the south and The Castro / Eureka Valley to the north.

In addition to having the variety of Noe Valley and The Castro and the open space of Dolores Park, the neighborhood is close enough to the Mission District to enjoy the bakeries, cafes, taquerias and used-book stores of this vibrant area. The current rich culture of the Mission District is a result of the Central American and Mexican families that have been congregating in the area since the 1950s.
We’ll cover more about Dolores Park and Mission Dolores and The Mission District in future blog entries.

For public transportation, Dolores Heights is conveniently served by the muni J-Church line which makes for an easy commute to downtown and the Financial District.

If you’re interested in this neighborhood and would like to get a good feel for the area, take the J-Church to the top of Dolores Park. Stroll along the upper end of the park and enjoy the views of downtown San Francisco. Walk up Dolores Street and take a quick stroll along some of the side streets to get an idea of the serene feel of the neighborhood.

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