7 Reasons Why You Should Choose The LanceDan Group

Lance Fulford

Dan Marshall

Suzanne M.

We would work with Lance and Dan any day.  They are great guys and very professional…

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Laurie Gottlieb

You will not find any real estate agent whose intelligence, responsiveness, experience and genuine…

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1. Team Representation

One of the most critical aspects of buying or selling real estate is representation. As your representative we constantly protect your interests. We manage your entire transaction -from required paperwork to meetings with other brokers and/or buyers and sellers. Comprehensive representation establishes a strong foundation for effective negotiation strategies.

2. Negotiation

We’re a trained, experienced negotiation team, familiar with various strategies to make our clients winners. The power in negotiation is the ability to walk away from any offer that you are not willing to accept. The skill is in never having to.

3. Communication

We keep our clients informed throughout their transaction. We establish a contact person for regular communication while the rest of the team is available at any time to answer questions or assist with issues. We coordinate all other parts of the process that require attention: interfacing with buyers and their agents, working with inspectors, title and escrow representatives and others. We utilize the latest technology to make us quick and efficient, whether you reach us by phone or email.

4. Marketing Expertise

The internet plays an increasingly larger role in how home buyers find their new residence. We utilize Alain Pinel’s marketing strength to reach these technologically oriented consumers. Your home is professionally photographed – higher quality photography gets more attention – and placed on over 70 websites and search engines to attract maximum attention.

5. Experience

Lance grew up around construction, went on to major in Real Estate Finance, worked in corporate real estate and appraisal before concentrating on residential. Dan, a native San Franciscan, has been a local landlord, business owner and real estate investor since the 1970’s. He understands the City, its impact on local real estate as well as historical market trends.

6. Reputation

Your realtor’s reputation within the real estate community can have a large impact on your transaction’s success. We have nurtured relationships within our own company as well as other brokerages, developing a reputation of honesty, integrity and reliability with our colleagues. Everything about us, from the sign out front to printed advertisements, communicates our reputation to prospective buyers and/or sellers and their agents.

7. Professionalism

We give our clients the highest standard of care throughout their transaction. With attention to detail, we create a customized plan and devise a strategy to sell your home that incorporates the current market environment. Timeliness, reliability, honesty and integrity represent you and serve your needs throughout the process.